Work continues on Wilton Town Hall

WILTON – Demolition of the water-damaged walls at the rear of the Wilton Town Hall’s lower level has been completed by the Public Works Department and Kim Davis has been given a contract for the rebuilding of the ladies restroom and storage rooms.

Davis and Building Inspector John Shepardson met with selectmen on April 14 to discuss the work, which is expected to be completed by mid-May.

“We want to get the women’s room back working,” Davis said.

The stone foundation at the rear of the building was sprayed with a foam insulation, Davis said, and then painted with a fire retardant. A curtain wall will be built about 18 inches from the wall, which will allow access to pipes and electrical wires.

The elaborate brickwork over interior doors will remain in view.

As many fixtures as possible will be reused, Shepardson said, “but we will buy new cabinets and sink for the kitchenette.”

Town Meeting in March approved spending $50,000 on the project, and Davis expects it to come in at less than that.

Removal of the interior walls has disclosed several now bricked-in windows. When the hall was built between 1883 and 1885, they were set in window wells on the Maple Street side.

Over the years, the level of the street apparently rose and the wells were filled in and the window openings bricked. That section of the lower level was at one time a banquet hall.