Milford insurance firm hosts e-cycling collection

MILFORD – Fifty hard drives, 50 printers, 100 keyboards, 40 phones, two typewriters, several cathode ray tubes, one coffee pot and many monitors and toners, fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent lights and batteries.

Those are rough numbers, but they give an idea of the haul from a local insurance firm’s electronic recycling collection on Earth Day.

Holt Proctor McBriarty contracted with MetalWave, an electronics recycling firm, to come to Milford for the four-hour collection drive.

HPM didn’t advertise the collection to the general public, said HPM’s marketing director April McBriarty-Weismann, only business clients.

But they didn’t turn away Denise Clark, of Milford, who brought a carload of her family’s unwanted equipment.

“I was waiting for the right recycling event,” she said.

Large cardboard containers separating each kind of equipment were set up in HPM’s parking lot. The only items they charged people for were cathode ray tubes, for $8 each.

HPM President Lyle Fulkerson said this was his company’s first effort at electronic recycling. They started organizing it only three weeks before the event and toured the MetalWave facility in Amesbury, Mass., before choosing the company.

All the hard drives are run through the U.S. Defense Department to make sure all data is destroyed, said Mark Babcock, sales director at MetalWave. Nothing goes overseas, no hazardous waste goes in landfills and every collection item is documented, with each owner getting a certificate of destruction, he said.

“We were concerned about protection, the security of the data,” said Fulkerson, and they found MetalWaves’ security safeguards “very impressive.”

Fulkerson brought items from his own household – 12 cellphones of various vintages, he said, that show “evolution of the technology.”