Scott Brown campaigns in Amherst

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown continued his bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. senator from New Hampshire when he campaigned at Moulton’s Market in Amherst last week.

The former senator, who has a home in Rye that, he believes, makes him enough of a resident to ask for our votes, had a brief, but interesting, tenure as the senator from our neighbor to the south.

Indeed, depending upon one’s point of view, Brown was either fiercely independent or a waffler, the former if you like people who don’t always vote the party line, the latter if you believe that walking in lock-step is a positive attribute.

It is a given this year that Brown, and any other Republican in our state and elsewhere, will campaign against what they pejoratively call Obamacare but which the formerly uninsured population might call health insurance.

It is also well-known that Brown, and the other Republicans who will campaign in our state and elsewhere, have done absolutely nothing to provide people with health care. Their health care plan seems to be one of hope:

You hope you don’t get sick.

Their argument often is, well, if you get sick, go to the emergency room and the hospital will treat you, apparently expecting the hospital to simply eat the cost of that care if you can’t pay. Of course, any discerning person knows hospitals, like any corporate entity, eat no costs but pass them on to the rest of us, so that doesn’t seem like a particularly brilliant plan.

Still, perhaps Brown has one, perhaps he will campaign upon something positive rather than just dismissing the Affordable Care Act as not being perfect. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the Republican plan.