Milford man to stand trial on charges he beat, pistol-whipped his girlfriend

MILFORD – A Milford man will stand trial on charges he allegedly beat and terrorized his girlfriend last month.

Raymond P. Ferragamo, 49, of 12 Larch Road, will also stay in jail in lieu of $50,000 cash bail.

At a probable cause hearing May 5 on a felony charge of criminal threatening/use of deadly force, Milford circuit court Judge Martha Crocker said the state had met its burden of proof for a probable cause hearing.

The alleged victim had told police she was so frightened of Ferragamo that she went into hiding for several days after the alleged assault. She had told police that on April 18, Ferragamo flew into a rage after receiving divorce papers from his wife and set the documents on fire. Later, he allegedly put his hand over her mouth until she was bleeding and crying and caused several bruises on her body.

She also told police he pulled her hair, put a pistol to his own head and then put it to her head, eventually telling her it was not loaded.

Milford police Detective Olivia Siekman told the court that the next day, April 19, Ferragamo returned to the alleged victim’s Elm Street apartment and punched her, broke her cellphone and smashed a coffee table.

After the second incident, the detective said, the alleged victim told police she went into hiding.

The incidents came to light on April 23 after the alleged victim’s daughter told her grandmother that her mother had been pistol-whipped and had a gun put in her mouth.

Siekman said when Ferragamo was questioned by police he said the alleged victim must be lying. But based on the way her story and the wife’s story coincided, and also based on the accused’s demeanor and the way he would not confirm his relationship with the victim, Siekman said, she knew that was not true.

The detective also told the court she talked with Ferragamo after he was taken into custody and he told her the victim was a “disgruntled woman” because he chose his wife over her.

Ferragamo’s public defender, Eleftheria Keans, said the alleged victim had “credibility issues,” but the judge told her that credibility is a matter for a jury to decide.

At the end of the hearing, Ferragamo’s wife, Darlene Ferragamo, asked to speak, but the judge declined the request.

Lesser charges against Ferragamo, including driving while intoxicated and reckless operation, will have separate probable cause hearings.

On the day of his arrest, Ferragamo allegedly drove his vehicle toward Milford police Officer Nathan Stone, resulting in the reckless conduct charge and the DWI charge, police said.

After the second incident, Siekman said, the victim said she did not want any more charges brought against him, because she “did not want to make things worse for him.”

According to the police report, the alleged victim also declined when police asked her if she wanted to apply for an emergency protective order.