Lyndeborough school building construction will begin on June 10

LYNDEBOROUGH – The construction of the new building at Florence Rideout Elementary School will begin on June 10, the day after school closes. Full occupation of the new school is planned for the end of August 2015.

The time line was presented to the school board on April 29, by Architect Kyle Barker at its regular meeting held at Central School. He also presented an updated floor plan.

“As soon as school closes, we’ll be on-site,” Barker said, with all possible preliminary work done before that.

First phase

The first phase of the work is the construction of the new building between the 1895 building and the gym. The current administration offices and music rooms will be removed.

“We’ll focus on the main addition,” Barker said. “The building will be steel framed and not directly connected with old walls because of differences.”

Temporary changes needed for the coming school year include using part of one of the baseball diamonds for materials storage and moving of the playground toward the front of the 1895 building. The construction area will be fenced and the present playground space will be a parking area.

The plan is to move into the new addition during February vacation 2015, after which the 1950s wing will be demolished.

The original front door of the 1895 building will be reopened and Tremont Street entrance used. The 1950s wing will be connected to the 1895 building at Tremont Street end.

Underused parts of the basement of the old building are being cleared and will used as needed for storage or classes.

Remodeling of the gym and the 1895 former high school building, at Florence Rideout and at Lyndeborough Central School, will take place during the summer of 2015.

Both towns

When completed, grades one through five from both towns will occupy the new building. While kindergarten, preschool and the SAU offices will be at Lyndeborough Central.

Building Committee member Harry Dailey said the new plan “is very close to the original presentation” and asked the board to “approve the concept” so that work could proceed. “This is a very tight timeline.”

Member Fran Bujak asked, concerning changes in placement of rooms such as the music room, “Has the staff been involved in this?”

Dailey said yes, and the Building Committee has also met with the state fire marshall, the state Department of Education, the town building inspector, fire chief and police chief.

“We plan to meet regularly (with various officials) to keep everybody up to date.”

The board agreed to accept the concept.

20-year bond

On a related matter, Business Administrator Lisa Ambrosio said, in working with the Bond Bank on the bond documents, she found “they are offering a 20-year bond option,” that would save both towns considerable money over the present 30-year bond plan. The 30-year plan was chosen to keep interest payments as low as possible.

“The warrant article gives the board the authority to negotiate the bond terms,” she said. With the 20-year plan, “Wilton could save up to $3 million and Lyndeborough 10 years of interest.”