Memorial Christmas tree planted in Lyndeborough

LYNDEBOROUGH – There is a new spruce tree in front of the Town Hall that will be lighted this winter, the first time ever that there will be Christmas lights in Lyndeborough Center.

The tree was given in memory of longtime Road Agent Earl Bullard by his daughters Peg McEntee and Polly Brown, and their husbands. It also honors Clayton Brown who, with his father-in-law, planted the original tree about 50 years ago.

The town’s road crew removed the stump of the old tree last week. It was taken down last year because of its poor condition. On May 12, Mark Chase, Mel Rossi and Steven Vergato went back to help plant the new one.

The original tree was something of an accident, Brown said.

“Earl and I were loading sand (at a road side pit) when this little tree came sliding down. It was a pretty tree and we decided to plant it up here,” he said.

Planting that first tree was not the production that May 12’s planting was: “We dug a hole, stuck it in, and watered it a few times,” Brown said.

This tree was purchased from a tree grower in Mason who delivered it to the planting site.

Brown’s wife, Polly, and her sister, Peg McEntee, were on hand to watch.

The Board of Selectmen recently approved the memorial and also the adding of lights. Last Christmas, a temporary tree was donated by Selectman Fred Douglas and decorated mostly by students at Central School.