Lyndeborough selectmen tackle traffic and road questions

LYNDEBOROUGH – A variety of traffic and road questions occupied the Lyndeborough Board of Selectmen on May 28: The need for an ordinance concerning plowing snow into the roadway, trees blocking sight at a sharp corner, the need for private companies working on the road to inform the police of their whereabouts, new traffic patterns at Central School, placement around town of traffic counters, and a road closed by the town in 1957, which GPS systems still show as a through road, which has some residents annoyed.

The selectmen will discuss wording for the plowing ordinance and then hold a public hearing. Both Police Chief Rance Deware and Road Agent Kent Perry have complained about snow plowed into the road causing problems. Several other town’s ordinances will be looked at.

Deware told selectmen that “some private companies” have not informed him of road work and said he needs to know when and where crews are on back roads, especially if there is a detour.

“I have to notify fire and ambulance,” he said.

He was advised to begin with a letter to the various companies.

The owner of the offending trees, which as saplings in the town’s right-of-way, will be consulted again.

Selectman Fred Douglas was concerned about plans to move all school summer activities to Central School during construction this summer at Florence Rideout in Wilton, and also about kindergarten and prekindergarten classes beginning this fall, which include changing classes at mid-day with parents picking up and dropping off students, as well as buses from Wilton.

The school is at the top of a hill on Route 31 with no site distance to the north, Douglas said, and “no places for cars to line up to get in the driveway.”

At a recent event at the school, cars were parked along both sides of Route 31 impeding traffic.

School officials will be invited to the next meeting to discuss plans.

Nashua Regional Planning Commission will place traffic counters at the corner of Salisbury and Purgatory Falls Road, at Pinnacle and Center roads, on Winn Road and on Old Temple Road West.

The western end of Chase Road, from the Perham Corner Cemetery to Perham Corner Road, was closed by a vote of the town in 1957, Acting Town Administrator Burton Reynolds told the board, but “the wording of the warrant article didn’t match the wording of the state statute,” and was therefore illegal.

A resident of the road has said, “people drive right through her yard,” Reynolds said, because GPS says it is road.

The solution, Reynolds said, is a “housekeeping warrant article in March” to correct the wording. “The intent of the town was clear.”

With the correction, a gate can be placed below the cemetery.