The birds win one in Lyndeborough

LYNDEBOROUGH – Last winter’s weather loosened a clap board on the back of Citizens’ Hall in Lyndeborough leaving a small hole.

This spring, a small bird decided it was an ideal place for her nest.

On June 4, while discussing painting and minor repairs to the exterior of the hall, selectmen agreed that “nothing be done to the back of the hall until the nest has been vacated.”

The variety of bird was not identified by the police who spotted the nest.

Selectmen have received one bid for painting two sides of the hall. The work will begin in the near future, weather permitting. The bidder will also do minor carpentry repairs.

Selectmen also accepted a quote for some work to be done in the hall’s basement.

In other business, Road Agent Kent Perry said he would like to advertise an old tractor for sale.

The farm tractor, which he said dates to “the mid-’50s,” was donated to the town some years ago when it was found abandoned and unusable in a field. Department members got it fixed and used it for some years to cut brush, but now have a newer one.

“It is workable,” he said, “but difficult to drive, being all manual.”

Someone knowledgeable about such tractors will be consulted as to its worth and determine the minimum bid.