Why toss a butt out the window?

Last week, someone we know was driving through downtown Wilton. Ahead of him was someone in a Jeep who, in the middle of town, on Main Street, decided to throw a cigarette out the Jeep window and onto the street.

Our friend wondered why.

So do we.

Presumably, this person’s vehicle has an ashtray. Don’t they all? Assuming that’s so, why throw the cigarette butt out the window?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. It’s easier than putting it out in the ashtray because, if one were to do that often enough, then eventually one would have to empty the ashtray and that would take a certain amount of observance (is the ashtray full yet?) and effort (carrying the ashtray to a place of disposal.)

2. It was a protest against clean streets. Well, gee, that’s all we can think of. How about you?

What is it about us as a species that gives us the idea we have the right to simply dispose of our detritus whenever and wherever we choose?

Let’s suppose this driver were having a cigarette in his living room. Would he toss the butt onto the carpet and walk away? OK, maybe, but it’s pretty darn unlikely, wouldn’t you say? No, he’d put it out in an ashtray, or his coffee cup, and eventually empty the tray or the cup into some sort of disposal area.

So? Why not do the same with the cigarette being smoked in the vehicle?

Really, if you have any ideas about this, we’d love to hear them.