Amherst bridge worries neighbors

AMHERST – People who live near the Manchester Road bridge were back before the selectmen last week, concerned about the bridge’s eventual replacement.

Linda Kaiser, who regularly complains about traffic to selectmen, said that when the bridge was open there were “more freight trucks than you can imagine. I’m not sure where they come from, but they come and they come and they come,” and many people seem to use it as a shortcut to Route 101.

Bev Melle said trucks rattle her house and there are not enough traffic calming devices in the village. Her husband, Bob, suggested there is little police presence in the village compared to Route 101A.

A man who moved with his family into the house at 1 Church St. two years ago said he is concerned because one corner of his house “is literally 2 feet off the road.”

The bridge, which connects the village to Mack Hill Road and points north was closed in 2012 after the state decided it had no safe carrying capacity.

The town plans to replace it soon, using a $2.1 million bond voters passed a few years ago and officials expect the state to reimburse 80 percent of the cost.

Later in the meeting Selectman Mike Akillian told the board he will share with them a proposal for a village study from the Nashua Regional Planning Commission of a strategic plan that could encompass traffic.

The board will discuss it at their next meeting on July 14.

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