Save Milford’s Brox property

To the Editor:

I cannot grasp the rationale of the select board in their desire to enter into the real estate business in the guise of fulfilling, to the letter, the warrant article authorizing the purchase of the Brox land.

Our planners tell us times change and ask the town to adjust the zoning ordinance to meet the new needs. But they are all stuck in the past regarding industrializing part of the Brox purchase.

Times change – we need Brox land more now than ever and that need will grow with passing time. I think that is the message.

Of the many reasons not to sell, I will address only the paramount necessity to retain the Brox land, in its entirety, and everything on it. Water.

Two hundred seventy acres and anywhere (the Brox Corp.) dug a hole it filled with water. Water, our most precious resource – let us not squander what we have in our grasp. The town and the entire area of southern New Hampshire will continue to grow, but the underlying water is not an infinite resource and will not grow as the need for water continues to increase with a growing population. We lost two town wells to industrial pollution. Here we sit on another potential water supply that some wish to share with development, in fact, encouraging that development. We should look to the future now and preserve this legacy.

Sell any of this resource now and it will be gone forever. The few dollars gleaned from the sale will be quickly spent and also be gone forever. I have said enough – let’s just keep the land and save the water.

Robert Wisniewski


Former member
and chairman,

Milford Planning Board