Wild thing

Around 7 a.m. June 26, a black bear about the size of an overweight Newfoundland dog came out of the woods somewhere near Keyes Park in Milford, lumbered east along Elm Street until it came to Union Square and then wandered down South Street.

It was a thrilling sight for those lucky enough to see it.

Those who were alarmed should know that the last time a bear killed someone in New Hampshire was more than 200 years ago. Bears have not fared so well. Police and Fish and Game officers tend to kill them when they become troublesome and break into homes and cars. Sometimes they leave behind orphaned cubs.

It’s not the fault of the bears. People who leave their bird feeders out are mostly to blame.

By simply bringing in your bird feeders, you can be kind to the bears and stop spoiling the birds with food they don’t need.