Demolition begins at Wilton’s elementary school as part of renovations

WILTON – Demolition began June 30 at the town’s elementary school as part of an $8.2 million project to combine the elementary schools in Lyndeborough and Wilton.

Hutter Construction will remove a portion of Florence Rideout Elementary School between the gym and the 1895 building, which was once the Wilton High School.

The demolished building will be filled by a new three-level building, which is scheduled to be occupied during February vacation in 2015. After students have moved into that new building, the 1950s portion of the complex will be torn down.

All reconstruction and renovations of Florence Rideout are to be completed and ready for occupancy for grades 1 through 5 by August 2015. Lyndeborough Central School will be turned into offices for the superintendent and administrators of the two-town school district.