Broken culvert a safety hazard

LYNDEBOROUGH – Road Agent Kent Perry told selectmen on Wednesday, July 23, a broken culvert on Nichols Road is a safety hazard, especially to the horses that are frequently ridden that way.

Nichols Road, located in North Lyndeborough, is a Class VI Road, a town road that is not maintained for travel. By stature, the town cannot maintain it; to do so makes it a Class V Road and subject to regular upkeep. No one lives on the road.

The solution, selectmen said, is a fairly new state regulation that allows such roads to be declared “emergency lanes.” The road can then be minimally maintained to allow for emergency vehicles to get to fires or accidents.

Perry would be able to remove fallen trees and repair culverts.

The town has already designated Pinnacle, Collins and French Roads “emergency lanes.”

It was decided to ask the police and fire departments which roads they would recommend for such a designation so that all such roads could be considered at once at a required public hearing.

The question was placed on the agenda for Aug. 6.