Milford author credits Milford High School teachers for fostering his love of writing

MILFORD – Many of us dream of writing a novel, and seeing it published. For Milford resident Kenneth Gordon, however, that aspiration has become a reality. In May, his first book, “Harmonic Differential” was published by Class Act Books of Port Townsend, Wash.

The book concerns Andros, an astrophysicist professor at Berkley, Calif., who is being driven mad by dreams of whirling lights.

“These dreams lead him to build a ship that can travel harmonically,” Gordon said. “The skin of the ship vibrates a frequency sympathetic to a particular destination, and he is instantly transported there. He can’t remember any of these adventures, so he brings a video camera with him so he can record them and watch them later.

Gordon credits the faculty at Milford High School for encouraging his writing career.

“One of our high school teachers told us to keep writing journals,” he said. “That was what basically started my love of writing. One of my other English teachers knew that I had potential to write, and encouraged that.”

One of the subjects that Gordon wrote about extensively at this time was a game titled “The Bard’s Tale,” which he played on his Commodore 64 console. At this time, he had become keenly interested in science, and took courses, including chemistry and physics. He also took course in BASIC programming, psychology, and Middle East Studies. It was this last course that afforded him an opportunity few teenagers ever enjoy.

“In 1987, I was invited to travel to Israel,” he said. “It was great. Of course, when I came back, I had to cook felafel for two of my classes.”

While in college, Gordon majored in Counseling and Philosophy, and took up playing the drums. But, even so, the writing bug never quite went away.

“I was writing a lot of short stories, but it was for my own enjoyment,” he said. “None of it was ever published.”

It was about this time that Gordon made a decision that would alter the direction of his life.

“That’s when I married my wife, Christy,” he said. “We’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year.”

Gordon said that it was television science fiction that primarily spurred his imagination.

“I was a big fan of most of those shows, including ‘Doctor Who,’” he said, citing the long-running British television series. “My favorite doctor was the fourth one, played by Tom Baker. But it was an episode of ‘UFO Hunters’ that really spurred me into serious writing.”

In 2009, he finished “Harmonic Differential,” but had a hard time finding a publisher for it.

“It was like that story that Stephen King used to tell, about papering the walls of his office with rejection slips,” he said. “Of course, in my case, it was all e-mail.”

Finally, he managed to strike pay dirt with Class Act Books, who not only offered to publish the novel, but also gave him a three-year contract.

“I’m going to write as many books as I can within that period,” he said.

When not writing, Gordon acts as road manager for the Nu-Metal band Slateface, which plays fairly regularly in the Milford area.

“The band is firmly rooted in the music of the band Korn,” he said. “Of course, as time has gone on, other influences have entered into the mix.”

Gordon said that he has also pursued music on his own behalf.

“I started playing the drums in 1991,” he said. “In 2001, I took up the guitar and recently began playing the keyboards.”

As far as bread and butter money goes, Gordon operates his own web development company, Gilead Web Services, also out of Milford.

Of course, a writer never stops working, and Gordon has several other irons in the fire.

“I’m working on a book titled “Cadre of Vampires,” he said. “I also have one called “Dark City.” There’s also talk of me appearing at a book signing at the Toadstool Bookshop here in Milford, but we don’t have a date for that just yet.”

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