Milford school and town meetings coming up Teachers’ contract and recreation land are on the ballots

MILFORD – It’s usually cold and snowy when deliberative sessions are held as part of the annual school and town meeting and election process.

But this year in Milford there are two deliberative meetings in August, one for a teachers’ contract and the other for the purchase of recreation land. The two-step process for each vote will end on primary election day, Sept. 9.

The school district’s deliberative meeting – to be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 4 in the Milford Middle School cafeteria – will deal with the one remaining sticking point in a three-year contract for the Milford Teachers’ Association.

The school board and the teachers failed to find common ground on the issue of health insurance. The board wants to give teachers who are hired after the agreement 80 percent premium coverage, instead of the current 85 percent. Teachers say that is unfair, and the school board says the change would help control ballooning insurance costs.

The entire factfinder’s report was printed on Page 11 of the July 24 Cabinet.

The town’s deliberative session – at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 11 in the Town Hall auditorium – will vote on buying 5.8 acres adjacent to Keyes Park. The property would add badly needed recreation fields, say town officials, and also provide a second access to Keyes Park during the Fletcher Paint Superfund cleanup, scheduled to begin next year. The hazardous waster cleanup project would close off the driveway to the town’s largest recreation facility for at least a year.

And although the warrant article will ask voters to raise and appropriate $190,000 to buy the land and a large industrial building the town Recreation Commission has raised all the money through donations.

The town and the school district received permission from superior court to hold what are considered emergency meetings.

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