Renovated town shed to be completed

LYNDEBOROUGH – Several of the town’s departments will have a storage place for larger and occasionally used equipment as soon as new overhead doors and a security system have been installed on a former garage on Center Road.

“When it’s critter proof,” Fire Chief Rick McQuade said during a tour of the property, on Wednesday, July 23, noting the condition of the doors, “It will be a good place.”

Also touring the site were the Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator Russell Boland, Emergency Management Director Carylyn McEntee, and Road Agent Kent Perry.

The newly renovated building was a sturdy, but dirt-floored, garage on a property taken by the town by tax deed several years ago. The small house was deemed in too poor condition to sell, and the septic system, too close to a rising beaver pond, had failed. The house was burned by the Fire Department last year.

During discussion of the property, several students at the Central School asked the selectmen to not sell the property since they liked to go there to fish in the pond.

At town meeting two years ago, voters approved spending $6,000 on repairs to the garage so it could be used as a storage facility for emergency services.

Resident Wally Holt was hired to make the repairs. He installed a cement floor, put on new siding, fixed windows, replaced the interior stairs and made other interior repairs. Electricity was brought in order for him to complete the work. There is a well on the property.

The upper floor can be used for dry storage. Shelving may be added if required.

It was agreed that an area to the side of the building nearest the road will require secure fencing before various trailers can be moved there.

Following the site visit, the selectmen returned to Citizens’ Hall for their regular session.