Wilton ZBA to rehear fishing camp case

WILTON – On Tuesday, Aug. 12, the Zoning Board of Adjustment agreed to a request from the Board of Selectmen to rehear an appeal from NTV LLC, in the case of the so called “fishing camp” on Route 31 north. The board will address only the question of whether the rebuilt camp required a building permit.

The board normally meets on the second Tuesday, but in September, that is the election day for the primary. The hearing was instead scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15. That question was part of the issue raised at a hearing on July 8 and not answered.

The ZBA ruled on July 8 that the building was “grandfathered” and could be rebuilt on the same footprint. The selectmen are not disputing that finding.

In their application, the selectmen state that under Article II of the building code, which says that small camps do not require a building permit, was over-ridden and invalidated by changes to the zoning code made in 2011. It also states that the state RSA 155-A, the state building code, doesn’t allow a town to have a less stringent code. RSA 155-A does not exclude camps, therefore a permit is required.