Family photos missing from Milford storage unit

To the Editor:

I am seeking to get in touch with the person that just recently purchased my storage unit at East Milford Storage in Milford.

I was told that there were some things left behind and of those things were some photos, and when I went there to pick them things up there were no photos to be found except for the small ones.

I am seeking to get into contact with you to see if you have the photos that I am looking for as they are very sentimental to me after losing my Mom this past February.

They are photos of her parents, my mom and my sister. Please, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to release those to me, I don’t even understand why someone would keep something of that nature. I am really hoping to make contact with you in regards to these items.Please have a heart and let me have those. Please call 413-222-0352. Thank you.

Larry Grawey

Westfield, Mass.,
formerly of Milford, NH