Wilton to get new ambulance

WILTON – The town’s new ambulance, authorized at the last town meeting, will arrive the week of Oct. 20. Ambulance service director Gary Zirpolo met with selectmen Monday, Sept. 29, to discuss the disposal of the 2001 vehicle.

In a display of community cooperation, the vehicle traded in will be Milford’s oldest model, assessed as being of the same trade-in value as Wilton’s, but with many more miles of use.

Zirpolo said with Wilton’s ambulance going to Milford, it will be available for backup, and Milford will have a much better third vehicle. Zirpolo said the two services work together often. Selectmen approved the plan.

In other business, Budget Committee Member Dawn Tuomala announced a grant had been received for an energy audit of Town Hall. It was suggested that such an audit also be done at the recycling center. She also recommended several improvements in the budget process, which is beginning for next year.

Town Treasurer Jerry Greene recommended the town switch to a program that will allow residents to pay bills by credit card. “It will make it easier for people,” he said. He also would like to make the recycling center cash-free, since with cash payments for item disposal there is no record of transactions.

Selectman Chairman Bill Condra said he had “wanted for some time to bring the town to credit cards.” A decision was put on hold until Town Clerk Jane Farrell can check “how some other towns do it.”