New Cumberland Farms opens

MILFORD – Milford’s second Cumberland Farms is apparently not replacing the old one at 142 Nashua St. near the Milford Oval.

Corporate representatives were at a grand opening last week for the new convenience store and gas station, and area manager Ken Camille said the old store will likely be remodeled or razed and rebuilt.

The new store, at 583 Nashua St., across from Lorden Plaza, is significantly bigger and brighter than the downtown one.

For the opening party, there were lots of freebies, especially samples of their new hot food offerings, including pizza, mac and cheese bites and mozzarella sticks.

The party also kicked off a four-week charity fundraiser, in which 10 cents from every dispensed beverage purchased will go directly to Share Outreach.

Share Director Chris Janson said she hopes the older store will stay there for the sake of the many elderly people in the neighborhood who are able to walk to it.

Business at the new store, which has been open for a few weeks, is about equal to that of the old one, Camille said.

There are now about 50 Cumberland Farms in New Hampshire, and 600 stores in eight states.

This year the company has built or remodelled 53 “new concept stores,” Camille said.