State Senate District 11 (Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, Wilton)

?The Telegraph invited candidates for Executive Council, NH Senate and NH House of Representatives in districts that include Greater Nashua to fill out a short form. Here are the responses we have received from candidates for this office:


Age: 54

Address: 17 Berkeley Place

Contact: 249-5151;;;

Years of residene: 6

Family: 2 children, 12 & 23

Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington

Occupation: Investment manager, financial advisor

Political history: None

Affiliations: N/A

Please list what you consider the three most important issues that will be facing this office in the coming term, and give your position on each, in a single sentence each.

1. Economy: enact minimum wage, start at least $10.00/hour and enact equal pay for equal work (my opponent opposes both measures)

2. Remove government and employers from having say over women’s health care choices

3. State budget, especially revenue sources, like legalizing, regulating and taxing sale of cannabis