54 houses proposed for Milford’s Mile Slip area

MILFORD – Town planners are considering a 54-lot development in the relatively remote far western side of Milford near the Wilton and Mason borders.

San-Ken Properties has proposed the 184-acre open-space residential subdivision, and on Oct. 21, the Planning Board voted to close the first review phase and allow the developer to submit a full site plan. The subdivision would be in the area of Mile Slip, Boynton Hill and Wolfer roads, and the applicant is proposing a 4,900 foot extension of Boynton Hill Road.

The property is close to 4,000 acres of open space in Milford, Wilton and Mason, and the plan designates 74 of the 184 acres as open space under the town’s open space ordinance, which allows houses to be clustered together and more land saved from development.

The board discussed several issues on Oct. 21, including the private ownership of 25 acres of the open space, Conservation Commission Chairwoman Audrey Fraizer said she isn’t comfortable with that aspect of the plan and also said the plan’s overall access to open space was “not in the spirit of open space” and asked for better points of entry for hikers.

The board planned a site walk for Nov. 8 to help clear up some of those issues.

At the Aug. 19 public hearing on the proposed design, abutters said they are concerned about traffic and the impact on
private wells and flooding from water run-off.

The board said there will be a traffic and drainage studies and phasing of the development will be discussed.

The development’s house lots would average about 1.2 acres, with frontage of no less than 50 feet off the extension of Boynton Hill Road.

Board members noted that several years ago there was a plan for 98-lot-development on the land that was withdrawn.

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