Milford dog rescued from car

MILFORD – Zelda didn’t mean to lock herself in the car, but she did. The dog’s owner, Anita O’Connell was on her way to bring her grandchildren some goodies on Oct. 10 and had stopped to let the little cockapoo run around in a sandpit on Tonella Road.

After she let Zelda back into the car the dog jumped on the passenger side door and landed on the lock button, locking every one of the car’s doors.

O’Connell encouraged the dog to jump on the button in such a way that it would go up, but three children walking down the road stopped by to assess the situation and one said “That’s not going to happen.”

Milford Police Office David Duquette responded to the scene and suggested O’Connell call AAA, and it was not long before the doors were open.

On Saturday O’Connell left The Cabinet a phone message saying Zelda was shaken up and hadn’t left her side for two days, but was otherwise fine.