Library drainage work to begin

WILTON – Selectmen have agreed to a contract with Greeley Farms Landscaping to install temporary drains at the Wilton Public/Gregg Free Library.

The work was described by Director of Public Works Steve Elliott as a “good temporary fix.”

On Monday, Nov. 10, selectmen met with Library Director Pat Frickett and treasurer Molly Shanklin, to discuss the work that is needed, including repairs to a basement room following recent flooding.

Elliott said the plan was to put in 100 feet of drainage in the back, connect with three existing lines, and then connect with the main trunk line, which leads to drains along Forest Road.

It was agreed that new perimeter drains should be installed all around the library, and costs will be determined for a warrant article at a town meeting.

While the library is administered by a board of trustees, the 105-year-old building belongs to the town.

Selectmen said they could take the needed $2,000 in emergency funds from the Town Hall account.

The library trustees will find the funds to repair water damage to the floor and wall.