Wilton town office mulls credit cards

WILTON – If all goes as suggested, residents will be able to pay taxes, register the dog and pay water and sewer bills online. Those coming into the office will be able to use a credit card.

Town Clerk Jane Farrell and Treasurer Jerry Greene have been looking into the pros and cons of various services over the past few weeks.

“I feel it will save the town money,” Farrell told the Board of Selectmen on Monday, Nov. 17.

“Online, we can do in three minutes what it takes half an hour to do by hand on paper,” she said.

Farrell said it would currently make record keeping easier since information now has to be entered by hand.

She also said it would take “about $3,000 to get the system up and running,” and would include three work stations for the office staff, plus a fourth unit at the counter “where people can swipe their cards.”

Users will pay all of the fees for the credit cards, which would include the fees for the company providing the service.

Greene said it will cost about $1,590 for hardware and another $300 for programming, and the costs would include training for staff. He recommended including the program in the budget for next year.

Residents have been asking for this service, Farrell said.

Selectman Chairman Bill Condra said, “I’ve been interested in doing this, and we’ll follow through.”

The other selectmen agreed, and Kermit Williams said he would talk with the provider to get his answers.