Milford man and two boys rescued from chilly Souhegan

AMHERST – Jean Letarte, 49, of Milford, was identified as the man rescued with his son and another boy after their canoe overturned in the Souhegan River on Sunday. The three were transported to Nashua hospitals for treatment of hypothermia.

According to Amherst police, they were waterfowl hunting around 8:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Boston Post Road, near Souhegan High School, when the boat overturned in the water and Letarte was swept downstream with the canoe and equipment.

Both boys managed to grab tree limbs, said police, and one of them retrieved his cell phone and called 911.

An Amherst police officer found Letarte about 200 yards downstream from the Souhegan Canoe Port and helped him from the water. Firefighters and other police found the boys about 400 yards farther upstream. All three had been in the water for almost 30 minutes in near-freezing water.

Acting Amherst Fire Chief Matt Conley said rescuers removed their wet clothing and wrapped them in warming blankets with heat packs.

Firefighters and rescue personnel from Amherst and Milford were at the scene.