Snow, ice can damage fuel storage tanks

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services reminds residents that snow and ice can damage outdoor heating oil, propane and natural gas tanks, and the piping connecting the tank to the building.

Damage to tanks, filters and piping can result in gas leaks and heating oil spills. Gas leaks are an explosion and fire hazard, and costly heating oil spills must be cleaned up to protect property and the environment.

Snow and ice that has accumulated around tanks, filters and piping should be removed carefully for accessibility and safety.

Damage from snow and ice can be prevented by removing it from roofs and overhanging eaves where tanks are located below. When removing snow and ice from roofs, care should be taken to avoid dropping it onto tanks, filters and piping.

Temporary and permanent covers can be used to protect tanks and piping from snow and ice damage. Galvanized steel filter protectors may be available at no cost to homeowners from fuel oil dealers.

For more information, call 271-3577 or your fuel dealer.