Progress made at Center Church

LYNDEBOROUGH – During the past fall and summer, three sides of the United Church building in Lyndeborough Center were painted and the shutters are being restored.

Much of the work was done by Wally Holt and Kent Perry.

In his report, fund raising organizer Clayton Brown said, “Next year we should get the back painted and hopefully the shutters will ready to be put back up.”

The roof was replaced earlier.

A grant from the Ella F. Anderson Fund was used to repair two of the big windows in the sanctuary and the sidelights on the right side front door. The fund is exclusively for repair of churches in the area.

Brown reported 32 people volunteered to help with labor and contracting. In addition, 121 people donated about $21,000 toward the work. Another grant has been applied for.

The restoration effort was begun by Brown and Perry when they became concerned about the deteriorating condition of the building which is used for services only in the summer, since it lacks heat.

To donate to next year’s work and the on-going upkeep of the building, make checks payable to Lyndeborough Center Church Fund, TD Bank, Box 150, Wilton 03086.

Built in 1837 to replace an earlier meeting house, the church was Congregational until the formation of the United Church in the early 1970s. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1980s and is now included in the Lyndeborough Center Historic District.