Wilton church to hold Longest Night service

WILTON – Pastor Regina Kinney of the Second Congregational Church will hold a Longest Night Service at 6 p.m., Dec. 21, in the Parish Hall. This special service is for those who have experienced a significant loss or just find the holidays difficult. It will be a quiet contemplative service with time for personal reflection.

There will be three prayer stations where one can write a prayer, note or post card to a departed loved one; a station for lighting a candle of remembrance, or say a prayer; and an anointing station where the pastor will anoint the person and say a prayer with them.

Kinney said, “So many people have difficulties during the holiday season where the culture around us tells we are supposed to be jolly, that I think some folks might appreciate going to a service that acknowledges that we don’t have to be jolly during the holidays.”

Everyone is welcome.