Milford sex assault case may be diverted to mental health court

MILFORD – An elderly Milford man charged with sexual assault in November has reached a court agreement that requires him to undergo a mental health evaluation and also places him under house arrest.

On Dec. 11 police charged William Walker, 78, with sexual assault/forcible fondling, a Class A misdemeanor, after a customer in his wife’s store, Karen’s Kollectables on the Milford Oval, complained to police that on Nov. 28 he hugged her tightly and fondled her breasts while he was minding the shop alone.

The six-part agreement reached on Dec. 31 at the 9th Circuit Court Milford and signed by Judge Martha Crocker also requires Walker to visit the Milford Police Station every day, changes his bail from $5,000 cash to $5,000 personal recognizance and requires him to remain at home unless accompanied by his wife or a responsible family member.

Walker is required to submit to an evaluation at the Nashua Community Council, a mental health clinic, “for assessment for organic mental health problems.” If the Council decides Walker is an appropriate candidate for treatment the case will be diverted to mental health court.

The police affidavit indicates there were four other incidents involving alleged similar behavior on the part of Walker, the first two in 2012, and Walker was counseled on his behavior.

There was another incident in 2013, with no resolution indicated in court papers.

Then, earlier in 2014, Walker plead guilty to simple assault as the result of a fourth incident, according to court documents.

As part of his Dec. 31 agreement with the court he is not to leave his home unless accompanied by his wife or an adult family member.

According to the affidavit, on Nov. 28, 2014, Walker had asked a 44-year-old customer, a stranger, for a hug, and when she complied, he hugged her tightly. She pushed him away and then he hugged her again, and she pushed him away again and then left the shop.

There will be a case status hearing on
March 4.