Lyndeborough selectmen encumber project funds from 2014

LYNDEBOROUGH – Selectmen have voted to encumber funds for various projects approved in 2014 but not completed before Dec. 31. The projects were discussed at the regular board meeting on Jan. 7.

Brandy Brook Road is to be resurfaced, but where the original Route 31 ended is unclear as two houses have been built beyond the old bridge abutments. Both are considered private driveways, but are they really a Class 6 Road?

Route 31 was moved to its present location in 1953 and the bridge over the railroad tracks removed, making the renamed Brandy Brook Road a dead-end street. Little work has been done on the road since and residents have asked that something be done.

Rewiring of the Town Hall will include a way to light a Christmas tree in front of the hall. A tree planted last fall was destroyed by vandals and will be replaced.

Paving the parking lot at Citizens’ Hall is still a possibility. The drainage at the hall is to be improved. The hall also needs some re-wiring upstairs, replacement of computers, and the old (dying) air condition moved.

Also approved was $2,000 for the repair of old gravestones.