Feel Good Farm fire ‘accidental’

LYNDEBORUGH – A fire late Monday afternoon damaged the kitchen and the area above it at the home of Larry and Sharon Boisvert, which they call Feel Good Farm on Johnson’s Corner Road. Both were at home and neither was injured in the fire.

According to Police Chief Rance Deware, the state Fire Marshal’s Office investigated the fire scene on Tuesday afternoon and determined it was accidental.

“Apparently there was a malfunction in the refrigerator,” Deware said. “The motor in the ice maker caused an electrical fire. Paper on the outside of the refrigerator caught fire, fell into the waste basket and spread to the walls.”

The kitchen area, which is in the main house, was badly damaged as well as the room above it and that section of the roof. Otherwise there is smoke and water damage.

The large barn was not damaged.

Deware said the Lyndeborough Fire Department and Police Department assisted in the investigation by the state fire marshal who determined the cause of the fire.

The 150-year-old house has been owned by the Boisvert family since about 1960, when it was purchased by Boisvert’s parents.

The Lyndeborough Fire Department was assisted by fire departments from surrounding towns, mainly supplying tankers to haul water to the farm.

The Boisverts will be staying with friends or relatives while they determine their next actions.