Lyndeborough selectmen set projects

LYNDEBOROUGH – On Wednesday, Jan. 21, the Board of Selectmen finalized the list of projects to be encumbered from last year’s funds.

The entire length of Brandy Brook Road, 850 feet from Route 31 to the old bridge abutments, will be redone for $35,000. To help cover those costs, paving of the Citizens’ Hall parking lot will be postponed.

Rewiring will be done at Center Hall for Christmas lights on the tree. A memorial tree planted last fall was vandalized and will be replaced.

The Citizens’ Hall meeting room is being rewired. The stage has been cleaned and the floor refinished. A perimeter drain will be installed at the back to address water issues in the basement.

The town and police department computer systems will be “physically separated” as required by state police standards for security. They are currently electronically separate. Cost is estimated at between $12,000 and $13,000.

The Trustees of the Cemetery requested $2,000 for gravestone repair and selectmen approved. Selectmen decided to pay the costs of an engineering study of Mountain Road from undesignated fund balance. Cost was estimated at about $59,800.

Project costs will be available at Town Meeting on March 14.