Mont Vernon creates an ice-out contest that is upside down

Ice-out contests on New Hampshire ponds are old hat – but what about an ice-out contest that is upside down?

The Mont Vernon Conservation Commission has taken a floating flag, made from a floating “diver down” flag that Scuba divers leave on the ocean surface to alert boaters, and placed it under the ice of Carleton Pond.

When the ice thin enough – assuming that ever happens this year – the flag will break through and bob to the surface, creating an official ice-out. (Ice-out contests usually depend on a flag sitting atop the ice falling down, into the water.)

If you want to guess what day that will happen, tickets are $5 and available at the Mont Vernon General Store.

The winner will get a cheezy trophy and bragging rights. All ticket money will be saved for the commission’s restoration project of the pond. In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random.