Police to seek grant

WILTON – Police Chief Brent Hautanen will apply for a grant of about $3,700 that will cover half the cost of the four new computers he has requested, three for the station and one for a cruiser.

On Jan. 19, the Board of Selectmen approved his request to apply to the Department of Emergency Management, Homeland Security for the grant.

Selectmen also granted approval for Hautanen to discuss providing prosecutorial services for the Mont Vernon Police Department.

Hautanen said he had discussed the proposal with the department’s prosecutor and Mont Vernon would be billed on an hourly basis.

“They don’t have a lot of cases,” Hautanen said. “He didn’t see a problem.”

Lyndeborough had a similar arrangement last year but voted to discontinue it, he said.

Hautanen said he had an officer whom he wished to honor with a letter of commendation and a medal. Selectmen approved and said an appropriate ceremony would be arranged, perhaps at the beginning of Town Meeting.