Coffee with a Cop held at library

WILTON – A police officer wears a 14-pound ballistics vest and a wide variety of tools and gadgets to help him do his job. On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Lt. Eric Olesen described the uses and functions of all of those gadgets to a handful of kindergarten-age students during a Coffee with a Cop program at the Wilton Public-Gregg Free Library. Patrolman Kris Wolf also took part. A half dozen residents also came to share coffee and cookies.

Olesen showed the students his radio, baton, and flashlight, let them all try out the handcuffs, and talked about the pepper spray. He then took off his 14-pound ballistics vest for them to try on, asking how many of them would like to wear it all day as he does.

Residents discussed parking, traffic, use of cell phones and texting while driving. Olesen distributed copies of the new state regulations concerning texting.

Olesen said the department hopes to hold another event in the near future.

Coffee with a Cop is a national movement to get the public and police together for informal talks. For more information, visit