Lyndeborough and Wilton results


No one filed or announced for the position of selectman.

After a last-minute two-day telephone campaign, former Police Chief Mark Schultz gathered 117 votes to defeat Larry Boisvert. It became widely known on Sunday that Boisvert was conducting a low profile write-in campaign. Boisvert received 32 votes.

In the other empty slot, Don Guertin received 13 write-in votes for the third budget committee position he had resigned earlier.

All other candidates were unopposed.

There were 212 votes cast including two new voters. The checklist is about 1100.


? Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Trish Schultz 206

? Trustee of Cemeteries, Larry Cassidy, 195

? 2 Library Trustees, V. Lucille Watt 180, Mark Schultz, 185

? Trustee of trust Funds, Stanley Greene, 190

? 3 Budget committee, Sandra Schoen 179; Burton Reynolds, 193

? 2 Zoning Board of Adjustment members, Lee Mayhew 181, Karen Grybko, 181


In the only contest on the ballot, Water Commissioner, former member and State Representative Frank Edelblut defeated businesswoman Dawn Tuomala 140-90.

In open positions, Brian Adams was written in for Cemetery Trustee with 6 votes; Nancy Clair for Supervisor of the Checklist with 2 votes.

All other positions were unopposed.

There were 241 votes cast with three new voters. Total on the checklist is 2425.

Both zoning amendments passed.


? Selectman, Bill Condra 201

? Treasurer, Jerry Greene, 210

? Trustee of Trust Funds, 3-year term, James Lamar Smith, 209

? Trustee of trust Funds, 2-year term, Dan Donovan 212

? Supervisor of checklist 6 year term, Sara Spittel 214

? Sewer Commissioner Thomas Herlihy 205

? 2 Planning Board, 3 year term, Alexander MacMartin 202; R. Neil Faiman, 2ll

? 2 Planning board, 1 year term, Sara Spittel 202; Marcie Kearns, 193


WILTON – No one filed for moderator. Incumbent Walter Holland of Lyndeborough received 75 write-ins from both towns, William Keefe 13 in Wilton.

There were no contests.

? Board members from Wilton: Carol LeBlanc 205; Alexander LoVerme, 183.

? 2 Budget Committee, Wilton: Cary Hughes 216; Jim Kofalt (write-in) 24

? Budget Committee-at-large (from Lyndeborough) combined vote 372

? School Board Lyndeborough, Geoffrey Brock, 180

? Budget Committee Lyndeborough, Karen Grybko 183