Milford Improvement Team offers March Madness Bingo

MILFORD – This long, hard winter is almost over, and the raw mud season months are still to come. A few little treats would help to keep spirts up.

And when purchases help the community, that’s even better.

How about lunch at an unfamiliar restaurant? Fresh flowers from a local florist? The first ice cream cone of the season?

And wouldn’t it feel good to have that car interior cleaned?

There are many dozens of ways to spend money, locally, and this month the Milford Improvement Team wants to make it fun, with a game called March Madness Bingo.

The point of the game is to get “people out of their houses, and out shopping and dining,” MIT Director Wendy Hunt said in an email to The Cabinet.

Players can download a card off MIT’s website, where there are game rules and cards to fill in after people do some creative local shopping to fill in the squares.

Hunt suggests they can shop, dine or go for a service anywhere in Milford. There is no limit to how many times a person can enter. just read the rules, shop, get to Bingo and submit a card or many cards by email or through the postal service.

Local businesses are donating prizes.

To enter electronically, scan your bingo card and either snap a photo of yourself at each location and either tweet, Instagram or put on Facebook and submit the filled-out card. Or scan your receipts with a copy of the bingo card and email to director@milford, making sure it includes your name and phone number.

To send by mail, mail receipts or scans of them to Milford Improvement Team, P.O. Box 551, Milford, NH 03055. For more information call 249-0676.

Squares say things like “Buy a gift for a friend,” “Buy a steak,” “Get your car serviced,” and “Fro-Yo or ice cream.”

The categories are all open to interpretation, Hunt said. So virtually any purchase from any business in Milford counts. One line completed gets a single entry and the entire card means seven entries. Submissions are due by midnight, March 31.

Milford Improvement Team is a public-private organization originally called DO-IT (Downtown Ongoing Improvement Team) that was started in the early 1990s with the goal of refurbishing downtown.

Now it focuses on the entire town, organizing events and activities that include the Great Pumpkin Festival, summer lunchtime concerts on the Oval, and the Keyes Art Festival,