Rand Paul in Milford April 8

MILFORD – Milford Town Hall will be one of the first stops on Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s national campaign tour this month.

On Wednesday, the day after he has said he will make a “special announcement,” Rand is expected to be back in the first-in-the-nation state to make the case he is best suited to reclaim the White House on the Republican ticket.

It is widely speculated he will officially make his presidential bid announcement in Kentucky on April 7. The next day he will be in New Hampshire, in the Milford Town Hall auditorium at noon.

Last month Rand stopped in Rochester, Exeter, Hampstead and Hollis. The multi-state ‘Stand with Rand’ tour then goes on to South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada – all early voting states.

“New Hampshire is very encouraging – it’s got that ‘Live Free or Die’ spirit,” he said during a recent interview with The Telegraph. “It’s got a lot of the I would call it the ‘Leave me alone’ coalition that just wants government to mind its own business in many ways,”

Rand has stated positions against what he called “federal over-reach” and opposes the existence of the Department of Education, the Affordable Care Act and federal regulations that “make it difficult for energy developers to take advantage of new forms of cheap and clean energy,” according to his web site.

Paul has been considered a supporter of the Tea Party movement, supports reduced government spending and taxation and has described himself as “100 percent pro-life.” In Hollis, he said the No. 1 priority of the federal government is national defense.

The junior senator is 52 years old and was elected in 2010. He serves on the Foreign Relations, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security and Government Affairs, and Small Business Committees.

He is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine and a practicing ophthalmologist in Bowling Green, Ky., for 17 years.