FRES to be emergency shelter

WILTON – The new Florence Rideout Elementary School will be an approved emergency shelter, but at a higher cost than expected. About $8,000 more. The added cost will be divided between the town and the school district.

School Board Member Harry Dailey, chairman of the school’s facilities committee, told the Board of Selectmen on Monday, May 6, installing the town’s generator will cost about $12,500.

The school building had been wired for the generator in 2002 using a Homeland Security Grant,

Dailey said, “but it was to residential code, not the required commercial code.” To run the generator for more than eight hours, he said, “would fry the system.”

Installing the generator to the proper code will insure the building can be used as long as needed and would cover the gym, administration area, showers, and the new kitchen which will be in the basement of the 1895 building, plus the connecting hallway.

”The new conduits are already installed,” he said.

“We’re asking the town to pay part of it,” Dailey said, since it benefits both town and school, “and we are willing to negotiate.”

The construction budget included $3,000 for the generator and another $1,000 could be found.

After some discussion, Selectman Kermit Williams moved that the town “find $8,500 somewhere” and move it to the right line in the budget.

Dailey said it would not be due until Aug. 1, giving the select board some time. The new school is expected be in operation when the next school year begins at the end of August.

“There are some things that need to be done right,” Dailey said, “and life-safety issues are one of them.”

Dailey said the deconstruction of the 1950s wing of the school had begun.