Name that team! And their town.

116 years ago, 1899

A large audience gathered in Milford Town Hall to witness the exhibition of moving pictures. It was said that those exhibited were very good, and in some respects possessed features not common to a speciality of this nature.

The annual meeting of the Scottish Right Consistory was to be held in Nashua. Five men from Milford planned to attend.

W. Foisie, employed at Claflin’s harness shop in Wilton, cut his hand badly. His knife was in his upper coat pocket and in brushing his coat, the knife struck the fleshy part of the thumb and made a bad wound. Several stitches were taken.

The Boston Store, directly opposite the Milford Public Library, was selling an all-steel garden rake for 25 cents and a “catch-em-alive” rat trap for both rats and mice for 35 cents.

66 years ago, 1949

Seventh- and eighth-grade students at Wilton Junior High School put on the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta “HMS Pinafore” to an audience of 236 people.

Roy Spaulding and Clifford Isaacson, who lived on Myrtle Street in Milford, fished all day at Newfound Lake and caught nothing until the very end when Spaulding landed a 26.5 inch salmon and Isaacson got a 22-inch lake trout.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Sword of the Avenger” with Ramon Del Gado and Sigrid Gurie. The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing “Raw Deal” with Dennis O’Keefe and Claire Trevor plus chapter 12 of “Junior G-Men.”

Wilton Tax Collector John Davis was reminding residents that a paid poll tax receipt had to be presented before a permit for a driving license could be issued.

50 years ago, 1965

The Milford selectmen told town employees that if they run for the Board of Selectmen they can expect to be fired. Only one town employee had, in recent years, run for the board: Mrs. Carol Dutton, the board’s secretary, a candidate in March 1965, who got 239 votes to finish behind the winner, Charles Sullivan, Jr., who got 462.

Churches from Milford, Amherst and Mont Vernon were planning a week-long Community Art Festival that would include the children’s play “Flibberty Gibbet” by the Children’s Hour Touring Players of Boston, at Milford High School.

Frank Stetson, a Milford High School senior, won a gold medal at the Lowell Science Fair for his “Project Doo Dad,” which stood for Digital Observation of Diversified Analog Data.

The Ciardelli Fuel bowling team won its second consecutive Souhegan Valley League championship at Bowlmor Lanes, defeating the Cheever Agency team of Wilton, 1,652-1,601.

24 years ago, 1991

Walmart representatives told the Amherst Planning Board that they would like to enlarge their proposed retail store on Route 101A from 114,000 square feet to 125,000.

The Wilton Town Hall Theatre was showing “L.A. Story” and “New Jack City.” The Milford Drive-In was showing “Misery,” “Look Who’s Talking Part II,” “Edward Scissorhands,” and “Pacific Heights.”

Dan Murray scored 19 points to lead Great White over the Red Dogs for the championship of the Wilton Men’s Basketball League.

Peter Messier, of Mont Vernon, won the men’s 40-and-over title and took third in the men’s 35-and-over division in the New Hampshire State Racquetball Championships in Salem.