Work begins on Milford intersection upgrades

MILFORD – Driving through the tangle of intersections where Route 13 meets Emerson and Armory roads not far from the Route 101 on and off ramps should soon be safer and easier.

Work started last week on improvements that are expected to alleviate morning and afternoon congestion and improve air quality and safety.

The plan calls for building left-turn-only lanes from both Armory Road and Emerson Road onto Route 13, new signals for those turns, a new right-turn lane on Route 13 south onto Armory, and striping to separate vehicles from pedestrians and bicyclists.

The work will be paid for with a $360,000 federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant, which will be combined with $90,000 of local matching funds.

At a public hearing in 2013, traffic engineers said they had hoped to build a roundabout, calling it the best way to alleviate congestion and reduce accidents, but the cost of building one – at least a million dollars – was too expensive.

But Plan B, as they called it, will help eliminate the intersection’s poor sight lines and split timing of lights. The intersection is adjacent to Route 101 Bypass interchanges and is considered a major route for local and regional traffic with heavy commuter traffic.

In 2011 voters supported the plan and it’s considered a high priority of the Milford Planning Board and Traffic Safety Committee. State Department of Transportation statistics show there have been 29 accidents at the intersection in 2009.

Other infrastructure projects scheduled to begin this spring are road and sidewalk improvements to South Street near the Oval and removal of the Jones Crossing bridge.

Replacement of the Jennison Road bridge is scheduled to begin this summer and be complete in the spring of 2016.

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