Mont Vernon Museum to open on Gala Day

MONT VERNON – The town museum will open for the season on Spring Gala, Saturday, May 16.

The museum will be open the second Saturday of each month from June through October, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Both the Amherst and Milford historical society museums are open at that same time, providing on opportunity for a Souhegan Valley historical road trip.

The museum is on the second floor of the Town Hall on Main Street. This is its 25th anniversary in that location.

Under the direction of Curator Sandy Kent, volunteers are busy cleaning and setting up displays in the museum preparing to open.

Exhibits of note this season will include the “Key to Mont Vernon” presented to returning WW I veteran Harold Trow. Nine residents of Mont Vernon served in WWI.

There will also be a display of old photos and newsletters from the Mont Vernon Village School, and a display of dresses worn by women in the mid-1900s.

In addition, this year a small portion of the actual tea thrown overboard during the 1773 Boston Tea Party will be on display. The story of how it came to the museum will be on hand.

The Grand Hotel

Other exhibits of interest include the window and a bank of mail boxes from the post office that was once located behind the general store, Lamson Farm and Grand Hotel memorabilia, two quite rare antique Nutter clocks, a row of eight David Dutton clocks, and a quilt made by the King’s Daughters’ organization that includes a square that is over 150 years old. There is also a small library in the museum and a selection of historical society books, note cards, and T-shirts for sale in the museum’s store. There is no charge to visit the museum.

The museum is run by the Mont Vernon Historical Society. New members are always welcome. Annual dues are $10.

Find out more on Spring Gala Day, or mail to the Mont Vernon Historical Society, PO Box 15, Mont Vernon, NH. Checks made out to Mont Vernon Historical Society.