Local nursing home celebrates prom with Milford High students

MILFORD – In the morning they fixed hair, nails and make-up, and later they decorated the dining room, served drinks and danced the Macarena and posed for a group photo.

They are the members of Milford High School’s Young Kasamas club, and they were at the Crestwood Center nursing home to help with a fiesta-themed prom last Friday afternoon.

Young Kasamas was started in 2013 by Willie Miles and Dominic Nguyen after a class discussion about aging with teacher Steve Scannell.

Kasamas is Philippine for “companions,” and Scannell happens to have a Philippine son-in-law

Scannell watched the prom from the sidelines and said he did not have much to do with the founding of the volunteer group, it was “Willie and Dom, I was just the advisor.”

Near the school

The two students began visiting the Crosby Street building, just a few blocks from the high school, and after awhile they brought fellow classmates who eventually formed themselves into a club.

The students sometimes bring their talents and interests to the older folks at their morning tea time. On May 30, the high school’s new bass fishing team will do a slide show and not long ago one girl came and played the piano.

“Just little things to consistently help the group continue,” Scannell said.

A fun stay

After junior Aja Miles served refreshments to her table, one of the residents, Sandy Bouley, said the high school kids help make her stay at Crestwood fun.

“There are a lot of activities here,” she said.