Town leery of Italian ice cart

AMHERST – Selectmen will decide whether an Italian ice stand can operate on town streets through the summer.

Town Administrator Jm O’Mara let the board know that Sharon and James Sweeney of Surry, NH had applied for town permission to drive the stand around town. They passed a background check and have a food service license.

But Town Treasurer Liz Overholt noted that the July Fourth Committee might have a problem with the stand competing with food concessions that raise money for local organizations.

“Someone should talk to Nancy (Head),” the July Fourth Committee chairwoman, she said.

Board Chairman Dwight Brew said a few years ago selectmen were unhappy with peddlers, but the town attorney said the town has to allow them unless there is a good reason to disallow.

End of June

The board voted to allow the Sweeney’s stand until the end of June so they can get more information.