Lyndeborough to raise cemetery rates

LYNDEBOROUGH – For the first time in many years, the Cemetery Trustees have voted to raise the costs of burials. Chairman Bob Rogers said the new rates "reflect the actual costs to the Highway Depart­ment."

A public hearing was held on Thursday, July 16, with few in attendance, and no comments from the public.

The new rate is $600 for a full burial – present cost is $300. An additional $100 will be charged for burials on weekends or fed­eral holidays to cover the costs of overtime.

Urn burials will remain at $50. Cost of a full lot will remain at $150 for a full lot, and $75 for an urn-only site.

Rogers said he realized that cost is "much lower than other towns, but we figure residents have been paying taxes on it."

Lots will be sold only to residents, former residents, or family members. If a lot owner wishes to sell a lot, it must be returned to the town for the price paid, in an effort to keep our records correct."

The new rates will go into ef­fect immediately.