Easements closed on Frye Farm

>WILTON – Ian McSwee­ny, director of the Russell Foundation, announced Friday, July 31, all the easements on the Frye Farm had been closed.

"We will be complet­ing the Frye Farm land transfer to High Mowing School next week," he said.

A celebration is being planned for Sept. 25.

After a lengthy, and at times contentious, discus­sion at the town meeting in 2013, voters approved "up to $80,000" to help with the purchase.

McSweeny expressed his thanks to the town, Yggdrasil Land Trust, and to various other state, federal and private funds which also aided the pur­chase.

He also noted: "The Frye land was granted to the Frye family through a King’s Grant and eight generations of the Frye family actively farmed the land over four centu­ries."

The land will now be protected from develop­ment forever.