Teachers: Share your inspiration

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Lottery and the New Hampshire Mo­tor Speedway are teaming up for the "Race to Suc­ceed" Challenge, which gives teachers an oppor­tunity to win $5,000 and a classroom visit from a NASCAR Sprint Cup driv­er – all for sharing their most significant teaching "aha moment." To enter the Race to Succeed Chal­lenge, any kindergarten through grade six teacher must describe their most inspiring educational moment. Entries must be received by Aug. 14. The winner will also receive an additional $1,000 to be used in his or her class­room.

The personal "aha mo­ment" could be a flash of inspiration from a stu­dent, insight into why they teach, recognition of a job well done, or simply an in­stance when a student ‘got it,’ and truly understood the concept at hand. En­tries will be reviewed by a committee comprised of New Hampshire Lottery and New Hampshire Mo­tor Speedway officials and the winning entrant will be chosen at New Hamp­shire Lottery Headquar­ters in Concord.

"This is an opportunity for educators to really think about those criti­cal moments in their ca­reers, those times where all their hard work and all their creative thinking came together perfectly," said Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission.

A NASCAR Sprint Cup driver will visit the win­ning teacher’s classroom, and will either read to the class or discuss his or her success on the track. Gov. Maggie Has­san will also be invited to take part in the visit. Nine runners-up will be rewarded with $250 each for their classrooms.

"In 300 laps around our speedway, NASCAR drivers have an ability to tell an amazing story that finishes with an ‘Aha, moment’ in victory lane. Imagine what a teacher can do with 500 words," said David McGrath, vice president of corporate sales for the New Hamp­shire Motor Speedway. "The ‘Race to Succeed’ Challenge is the latest example of the amazing partnership we have with the New Hampshire Lot­tery in an effort to raise money and awareness for the education system here in New Hampshire."

Please send entries via email to Maura McCann at the New Hampshire Lottery Commission at maura.mccann@lottery. nh.gov. Please limit re­sponses to 500 words.