Ex-town worker on Ashley Madison

MILFORD – The email address of a former town employee was on a list of people who registered with the dating website Ashley Madison. The website allows people who want to cheat on their spouses to connect with like-minded people. In July, the site was hacked by a group called Impact Team.

Last week it was reported that government domain names from Milford, Manchester, Nashua and Dover had shown up on the list, which contained thousands of .gov addresses.

On Friday, Town Administrator Mark Bender asked the town’s information technology director, Bruce Dickerson, to look into it.

Dickerson took all existing employees’ address and "bounced them off the site and found no hits," Bender said.

So he tried the same thing with former employees, and the address of an employee "from some years back" came up.

"I’m very pleased no existing employees" were on the list, Bender said.

Town policies address inappropriate and unauthorized use of town equipment, such as vehicles, computers, telephones, photocopiers and fax machines, Bender said in an email.

Dickerson also explained that someone could have landed on the list from a "pop-up" ad on their computer screen.

The mayors of Nashua and Manchester are reported to be looking into the email registrations.

Avid Life Media runs the infidelity website that claims to have 40 million users and goes by the tagline "Life is short. Have an affair."

Domain names from federal, state and municipal governments showed up from the data breach, including many military sites.

According to Fortune magazine, the hackers released to the public a 9.7-gigabyte data file, including personal details, financial data, and user profiles.